Vintage Toy Boats , Planes
and other Toys from Yesteryear

Site was last updated 09 January 2023. This is not a forgotten web site. Please browse ,and if you wish , buy with confidence.

My name is Michael Brownhill and I have been collecting toys , mainly boats , mostly from the sixties and seventies since 2003. I have now decided that I need to thin down my collection as I have simply run out of space ; hence the store.
All the items in the store are 'used' unless stated otherwise , and they are all working , unless stated otherwise.
If you have any questions , please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am not a dealer or a professional seller , but a 'joe soap' who has a love of the toys of his childhood and a few before I was born. I have another web site which is my main web site. As said above , this store is to sell what I have reluctantly decide to let go. If you purchase more than one item , I will always combine postage and refund any excess postage (over £1). I do not charge for my time or packaging materials. Please study the photographs carefully , and if you would like further photographs , I will gladly supply them.
The item in the picture is the item you will receive. I do still collect , and have a great interest in these toys and have built up , what I would like to think , a reasonable knowledge about them with regard to what can be fixed and how , and what cannot be without considerable difficulty and expense. We have to bear in mind that many of these toys were never designed to be fixed. If you would like a chat about repairing any old toy , please get in touch. 
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  • Warrington, England, United Kingdom
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